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New Bedford Area Restaurants
that feature Healthy Dining
Healthy Dining
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Freestone's City Grill
41 William Street
New Bedford MA
For a restaurant to qualify for the Healthy Dining New Bedford Initiative,
a restaurant must offer options such as:
  • At least three sides or choices of fruits and/or non-fried vegetables (other than potatoes.)
  • Substitution of salad or other vegetables for fried vegetables (e.g. French Fries or Onion Rings)
  • Clearly designated items with “No Added Salt/Sugar” or “Reduced Salt/Sugar”
  • Some dishes in half or children’s size portions
  • 1% milk, skim milk and/or water as the default beverage for children
  • At least three baked or grilled entrée items for children
For more information, visit the
Mass in Motion New Bedford Website
or the
Healthy Dining New Bedford Facebook Page

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